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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 12, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm GMT

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how do you describe that? it means a lot. we welcome sigrid! she's been steadily gaining support for the last 12 months, gathering fans from jools holland... # don't kill my vibe #. # 0h, don't kill my vibe #. thousands at glastonbury. # won't you stay with me? previous winners include the likes of sam smith and adele, who were also relatively unknown when they won. now sigrid is following in their footsteps. she is also another huge talent to emerge from scandinavia. i think scandinavian musicians are good at melodies because english is our second language, and i think that creates that barrier where you have to concentrate a lot about the melody. melodies which have helped win this industry accolade.
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i am very lucky and happy and it's a great way to start this year. makes you feel old, doesn't it? let's look ahead to sportsday. yes, arsenal are forced to contemplate a future without a star player, alexis sanchez, who is set to leave the emirates and become the subject a bidding war among rival clubs competing for his signature. konta carries british hopes in the first tennis major of 2018. but the australian open is courting controversy ahead of the first round on monday. european rugby's champions cup heads foran european rugby's champions cup heads for an exciting climax. we hearfrom a champion amateur boxer facing the fight of his life outside the ring, a battle to avoid deportation from britain. that's at 6. 30pm, on sportsday. now on bbc news, it's time for the film reviewment —— review. hello and welcome to the film review
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on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? we have darkest hour, for which gary 0ldman is tipped for 0scars. we have mukkabaaz 0ldman is tipped for 0scars. we have mukka baaz a boxing 0ldman is tipped for 0scars. we have mukkabaaz a boxing movie come political romance. and three billboards. darkest hour, you wait yea rs billboards. darkest hour, you wait years for a churchill film to come along and you get two at once we reviewed churchill on the show a few months ago. the story was that brian cox was playing brilliantly, i think, churchillanxiety cox was playing brilliantly, i think, churchill anxiety ridden in the run up to d—day. now gary 0ldman
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as churchill, anxiety ridden around the time of dunkirk. it's19a0. the the time of dunkirk. it's 1940. the nazis are the time of dunkirk. it's1940. the nazis are sweeping across europe, the resistance is crumbling everywhere. he's being advised to appease rather than fight. here's a clip. nothing even remotely patriotic in death or glory if the odds are firmly on the former. nothing inglorious in trying to shorten a war that we are clearly losing. losing! europe is still... europe is lost. and before our forces are wiped out completely, now is the time to negotiate. in order to obtain the best conditions possible. hitler will not insist on outrageous terms. he will know his owi'i outrageous terms. he will know his own weaknesses. outrageous terms. he will know his owi'i weaknesses. he outrageous terms. he will know his own weaknesses. he will be reasonable. when will the lessons be learned? reasonable. when will the lessons be
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learned ? when will reasonable. when will the lessons be learned? when will the lesson be learned? when will the lesson be learned? ! how many more dictators must be woulded, a—— wooed, appeased, before we learn! you cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth. that is pretty much the give me an award clip. there's no surprise it's got such awards buzz about it. he won a golden globe. yeah, i think i remember in 2012, when it looked like he was going to win the oscar, then beaten to the punch. i think this time may be his year. it is a terrific performance, despite being buried under a lot of facial prosthetics, you know, you can see his personality coming through. it's a very interesting take on churchill. i think the performance has conviction and grit, much as i really, really like the brian cox films, this is a really solid, awards—courting and probably awards
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worthy performance. the problem is the film itself, which is not as good. it's tojoe wrigtt‘s credit that he's trying to inject a sense of immediate agassi and urgency into —— urgency into a bunch of people arguing in rool essentially. but he mixes up on one hand very well created, you know historical recreations with utterly fanciful dramatic license. such as a scene in which churchill suddenly decides to ta ke which churchill suddenly decides to take a quick referenda of the way the british public feel by going on the tube train and asking people what they think about what's going on, ina what they think about what's going on, in a scene which whatever the emotional truth of it may be, just struck me as utterly preposterous. the central performance is very good. it's a crack cast. it's a very good. it's a crack cast. it's a very good cast and clearly a crowd pleaser. it's going down incredibly well with the american critics and i think, i have no doubt that it will play very well. i have to say, from
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my point of view there were moments in it that i thought it was cringy. i felt like it was explaining everything, you know, obviously, this is complicated subject matter, but there are certain moments in which characters don't have to be introduced by their name, their title and rank whilst they're actually in the room with you, but the thing that will carry it is the performance. it is a really good performance. it is a really good performance. it is a really good performance. i think it will continue to be rewarded with awards. we will soon know in the next few weeks. what's the second choice? the brawler, mukka baaz, weeks. what's the second choice? the brawler, mukkabaaz, a politically tinged boxing movie. young boxer struggling to find his place in the world he finds himself at odds with the local big boss. he falls in love with a young woman who has no voice but whose actions speak volumes. it's occasionally a ramshackle
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affair. the dialogue is full of cloa k we'll affair. the dialogue is full of cloak we'll can youing. the —— cussing. the fight series you feel that you're watching people beating seven bells out of each other. it has the ability to eschew conventions and mix in grit and substance. i felt it could be tightened up on time a bit. but i liked that firstly it is a bit anarchic. you're not sure where it's going. it seems to switch genres at certain times. it keeps you on your toes. i mean a boxing movie should do, it is a film which dances around and keeps you alert. i enjoyed. it it's not perfect, but it's a pretty solid thriller with some sort of social things to say as well. 0k, yeah, that's interesting. good to bring us something that i didn't know much about. i feel like i've read a lot about three billboards.
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i'm a huge francis mcdormott fan. she's most famous for fargo. like darkest hour this is a major 0scar contender. it's a western inflected tragedy, comedy. this is a grieving mother who her daughter was abducted a killed and the local police force headed up by the police hasn't made any arrests. in a state of desperation she decides to take those three billboards and emblazen them with signs that name and shape them with signs that name and shape the police department and say how come there have been no arrests? here's a clip. when the dna don't match no—one who's ever been arrested and when the dna don't match any other crime nationwide, and when there wasn't a single eyewitness from the time she left your house to the time we found her, well, right now, there ain't too much more we can do. you could pull
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blood from every man and boy in this town, over the age of eight. there's several rights laws prevents that's. what if he was just several rights laws prevents that's. what if he wasjust passing through. put blackpool from every man in the country. what if he was passing through the country? if it was me, i'd start up a database, every male born that was born, his him on it. cross—reference it, make 100% certain it was a correct match, then kill him. yeah, well, there's definitely civil rights laws prevents that. you can see from that clip that what the film does is it plays with your sympathies. what she's saying there is outrageous. suddenly the chief is reasonable. i think the real triumph of this film is it's a tragi—comedy, that's one of the few clips we could play without the swearing in it. it is very funny. it can make you laugh
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and guffaw. he writes brilliantly. he had a cynical edge before. but this actually has heart. because the tragedy is if anything more powerful than the comedy. what you get is a story about people who are eaten up by rage, eaten up by anger, eaten up by rage, eaten up by anger, eaten up by desperation. it's really a film about how those things impact upon the characters. there are these lines that are delivered as trite little greeting card messages, anger only begets greater anger. through love co m es only begets greater anger. through love comes calm. yet they seem to be sincere. what really surprised me is how tender this film s yes, it's funny, yes, very violent. yes it's very dark. yes it deals with edgy subject matter. but it has a really tender heart. it upsets some people because all the characters are seen to be three dimensional, like sam rockwell is introduced as a racist come. but as it goes on, you see he isa come. but as it goes on, you see he is a victim of his circumstances.
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that doesn't play very well with everybody because it is a film about moral ambivalence in which there isn't a good character or a bad character. everybody is in this more ras. i have seen it twice. second time it was more powerful. when it needs to be funny, it is blistering funny. but it's really tragic. 0ddly enough, very tender. goodness. rich. very rich film. yes, i'd be interested to know what you think about it. we can discuss next week, for now, i know best 0ut about it. we can discuss next week, for now, i know best out is another film, stunning scenery, beautiful setting, but bleak as well. yes hostiles the end of an era western. christian bale is a battle hardened captain ordered to take his nemesis back to his sacred lands to die. it isa back to his sacred lands to die. it is a film therefore about coming to terms with the legacy of violence. actually the reason i've chosen it is because it has a brilliant score, which is really einvolve tiff. the
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—— evocative. it seems to come out of the landscape. it really captured me. i think it's not getting perhaps the attention that it should have got. it's a very interesting piece of work. it's called hos tiles. it's worning it for the score alone —— worth it for the score alone. for dvd, one of the films of last year detroit. why isn't that on the film radar i don't begin to understand. so well made. anatomy of an uprising. both actors brilliant. i would have had both of them in supporting actor nominations. fa ntastically supporting actor nominations. fantastically directed yet somehow it seems to have slipped off the radar, which is a shame. i thought it was a really gripping piece of work. absolutely. a hard watch, but brilliant. it has to be tough because of the subject matter. it would be wrong if it waebts. absolutely. this is the chance to see it if you didn't see it in the cinema. thank you very much. see you next week. there is of course, more
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film news and reviews from across the bbc on the website. you know the address, kermode. find our previous programmes on the bbci player. it's a busy week at the cinema. enjoy your cinema going. see —— you next time, bye—bye. # good evening. it's been a grey and grab week for many parts of the country. most places with cloud cover. though we freshen up things next week with sunshine, it will turn a lot colder with wintry showers. through the evening and overnight, the fog will return to central and eastern areas. you can see the change is afoot further west with patchy rain across northern ireland, western fringes of the mainland by morning. milder here, but a little bit chilly again in the countryside. there'll be a frost across the glens of scotland, even fog here which will take a time to
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lift. it could be the north of scotla nd lift. it could be the north of scotland where we see the lion's share of the sunshine. there'll be a bit of brightness elsewhere. we have the legacy of the old weather front we've had all week giving patchy drizzle. this weather system creeps in gradually eastwards, only gradually. it never makes its way com pletely gradually. it never makes its way completely across the country during the weekend. it just completely across the country during the weekend. itjust tends to peter out, the rain on it. that means we will have a lot of cloud again on sunday, patchy rain and drizzle. the main player is this, this comes along late in the day bringing wet and windy weather and behind it, that's when it gets much colder. we'll have plenty more on that through the evening. donald trump says he won't come to the uk after all —
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he doesn't like the new us embassy. he tweeted he wasn't happy about the building's new location in a different part of london. but has the president pulled out of his visit because he was worried about the reception he might get? mr president, are you a racist? meanwhile, alleged comments by the president about african countries land him in hot water at home. and the un weighs in also, saying the president's reported comments are racist. also tonight... a report into the manchester bombing finds some relatives of the victims suffered from media intrusion. a fine of £10,000 for the surgeon who branded his initials onto his patients' livers. the government is urged to bring construction giant carillion into public control amid fears it could collapse. you can't look down to


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